• Mom:

    Ikaw nak. Kanino ka side sa kaso na yan?

  • Me:

    Kay Grace Ibuna po, ma.

  • Mom:


  • Me:

    Kay Grace po, ma.

  • Mom:


  • Me:

    *sighs* Kay Ronald McDonald nalang po ma. :)))

Whenever there’s a quiz or test, things like NINJA SKILLZ, GROUP EFFORT, or JOINED FORCES will always be needed. :))


I cannot even!! Mike Goodman you’re the bomb! You’ve probably said everything I wished I could have said if only given the guarantee that I am never going to be judged by anybody who has this fabricated sense of pride over the race and blood that has been constantly running with them since they came to exist in this whole beautiful country we always call as Pearl of the Orient. And people, you do not even try to lambast or outplay him over the virtual world because even as much as you won’t admit it, by the time the video roll it’s credits, you would have no any other feeling towards what he said throughout the entire video but to actually believe him and tell yourself that he is in every aspect right and correct. I mean the traffic unending, the constant breeze of the air polluted, the beggars around, the dirts everywhere, males peeing wherever the hell they want and the comfort rooms which doesn’t even have a tissue and nonetheless uncomfortable at all. Yes, the Philippines is beautiful like what he said, I am proud of the customs and traditions that we have come to grow to and the hospitality and friendliness that we have always been known for, and I would always admire the things we’ve fought for and achieved that made our history monumental and extraordinary. But at the end of the day, you can never deny the fact that we still have another side that we’ve never cared to change or improve at all, and that’s what this video is all about. So again, I’m on his side and I actually wanted to thank him for this.

I hope people from the government would have the chance to watch this video. What Mike Goodman says is actually true. The government should take action to change this way of living in the Philippines. Seriously.

I was planning to eat lunch at McDonalds today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t expecting the sudden surge of sandstorm today. Sandstorms here in Kuwait are not that bad. But when these sandstorms go up a notch, they really go way bad. With all those wind and dust flying to your face. Uhh, it’s annoying. :))

So because of the sandstorm I wasn’t able to go eat at McDo. Hm, well, I’m tired anyway. Might as well take this chance to sleep. XD

When there’s a birthday celebrant in our class, we greet him/her with a Happy Birthday song …. DRUNK VERSION. :))

I’m an alumnus now. XD

Yep, I’ve finished high school. :)) Me and my batchmates are actually doing practices of our graduation songs now. Namely, The Leaving Song and Your Guardian Angel. The former is our main graduation song and the later, our thank you song. I was chosen to be a part of the guitar group composed of four people, and I’m glad that our teacher recognizes my skills. Haha.

Well, leaving high school is hard. And I’m starting to have these melancholic feelings. I’m gonna miss the memories and moments that have been part of my daily life as a high school student here in Kuwait. The friends that, even with the smallest gestures, let’s you feel that you’re not alone. The simple good mornings that I hear once I enter the classroom, I’ll surely cherish. :) The teachers who have been my second parents that tirelessly offers us their knowledge. The advices that teaches us how to be better persons, I will surely remember. :)

Haha, I’m starting to feel sad again. :)) But, we all know that’s part of life, right? I just hope the memories and the friendships we’ve shared will always be in our hearts.

It has been long, buddy. It has been long. :D

It’s been, what, two months or so since I’ve posted stuff here on Tumblr? Haha, I’ve been busy with a lot of things here and there. About school and about random stuff. :)) My absence here in Tumblr affected my followers too, I noticed. :)) I lost 4 of them. But well, that’s life. :))

So I think I’ll start to be active here on Tumblr again. :D

Happy Monthsary, my love. :) Mahal na mahal kita. Miss na miss na kita. I hope you’re alright there. <3 (Taken with instagram)

Better late than never, so eto na: Happy Monthsary, FTW 2.0!! =) @summerskyline, @melreinv, and @helloimmariaaan :) (Taken with instagram)

OMG. Guess who’s hyped about this?! :)) After years and years of waiting … Naruto fans, Naruto and the Kyuubi (Real name: Kurama) finally became friends! And Kurama’s going to help Naruto beat the lights out of Madara. :))

God, I can’t wait for the next chapter. =)